The Desert in Bloom – Phoenix, Arizona



My favourite time to visit Phoenix is when the desert starts to bloom. I always like the desert landscape, the starkness, the cactuses and unusual plants and shrubs. But when it starts to bloom it is really beautiful. The weather is lovely and hot and the desert comes alive. Until I experienced it I never knew that cactuses flowered this way. Below are some of my favourite cactus and other plant pictures from this April.












2 thoughts on “The Desert in Bloom – Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Hey Laurie, The desert pics are great. The deep purple cactus flowers are my favorite. This year the weather down south was warmer which was awesome but more wind with more light dust, or sand? In the air. Driving home through through northern California, Oregon and Washington was a pleasure this year. Early sunny weather. So beautiful. We stopped  for one night halfway going through the mountains which don’t usually do. Take care, Aunt Marg Sent from my Galaxy Tab® A

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